w/Kyle Heavy, QAnon, Eric "In The Can" Gagnon, Michael Martineau, Dave Ridley, Mary Lemay

w/Dr. Anh Ngo & Dr. Syed Mahmood, "Eazy-G" Eric Gagnon, Dr. Jeff Kassel, Christian Lacoss, Brian Mackey, Ed Murphy

With Darryl Dion and Carol Robidoux.

w/Michael Martineau, "Eazy-G" Eric Gagnon, Jeff "Skumpi" Lorenz, Dave Ridley

With Darryl Dion, Paul Cormier and Carol Robidoux.

w/Christian Shields, Robert Dionne, Dave Ridley

w/Dr. Anh Ngo & Dr. Manuel Sanchez, "Eazy-G" Eric Gagnon

With Darryl Dion and Carol Robidoux. 

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