w/Jenny Coffey, Texas Mike, Erich Pilcher, Pauly C, Charles Richardson, Eazy-G, Ron Laplume, Shannon

With Matt Juneau, Kyle Clayton, Carol Robidoux and Bill Seney. We discuss Glenn "RJ" Oullette's comments about The Morning Shows Lie Detector Test to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Shannon calls to claim someone is going in her house when she's not there. Getting big acts for the SNHU Arena and how it effects downtown businesses is discussed. Bill Seney's Trivia is featured.

w/Jon C. Hopwood, Eazy-G, Dave Ridley

With Kyle Clayton, Matt Juneau, Gonzo and Carol Robidoux.

w/Jenny Coffey, Jon Hopwood, Dave Ridley, Nick Murdock, Crazy Joe

With Kyle Clayton, Matt Juneau, Kaitlyn Mastacouris and Carol Robidoux. Monday morning madness as the gang discusses going to a party over the weekend together.

The fellas feature an evening of nostalgic TV ads and music of K-Tel.

Also featuring Matt Connarton and Dj Steve Light.

w/Jon Hopwood, Charles Richardson, Eazy-G, Ron Laplume

With Kyle Clayton, Matt Juneau, Ron Laplume and Andy Sylvia.

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