w/Christian LaCoss, Charles Richardson, Dirk Don, Dave Ridley, Karen Kubit, Virtual Crazy Joe

"MTV 40th Anniversary Special." Pauly, Dan, Matt and Steve pay tribute to MTV Music Television, first aired August 1,1981. Featuring original MTV promos, commercials, station IDs, the VJs, and of course the music that pioneered the music video industry.

w/Texas Mike, Ron

With Gonzo, Don "T" Tibbetts. Kyle Clayton and Manchester Ink Link's Andy Sylvia. Love advice is featured.

w/Eazy-G, Pauly C., Brandon from Portland, Mike Sudderth, Don "T" Tibbetts, Virtual Jon Hopwood, Ron

With Jeff Nyhan, Rob Dionne, Kyle Clayton and Manchester Ink Link's Andy Sylvia. Rob's "World of Entertainment" and " Name That Tune" are featured.

w/Jenny, Eazy-G, Pauly C., Stacie Laughton, Brandon from Portland, Gary

With Texas Mike, Kyle Clayton, Carol Robidoux and Bill Seney. Bill Seney's Trivia is featured.

w/Mike Sudderth, Pauly C., Eazy-G, Jon Hopwood, Brandon from Portland, Ron, "Macho Man Randy Savage"

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