With Kyle Clayton, Michael Gonzales, Stephen Light and Andy Sylvia. Andy's "Grocery Game" is featured. We read letters sent in from people seeking relationship advice. 

w/Glenn RJ Ouellette, Erich Pilcher, Eazy-G, Charles Richardson, Mike Doyle, Ron Laplume, Gary

With Kaitlyn Mastacouris, Robert Dionne and Andy Sylvia. Rob's "World of Entertainment" and "Name That Tune" are featured.

w/Jon Hopwood, Jenny, Dirk Don, Eazy-G, Ron Laplume, Martin Connarton

With Kyle Clayton, Kaitlyn Mastacouris, Mathew Juneau and Carol Robidoux. Comedian Juancho The Great drops in. Bill Seney's Trivia is featured.

w/Eazy-G, Glenn RJ Ouellette, Katie Dobbins,, Dirk Don, Ron Laplume, Jeff Nyhan

With Kyle Clayton, Michael Gonzales, Torrey Slaughter and Carol Robidoux.

w/Jenny, Pauly C, Mike Doyle, Eazy-G, Charles Richardson, Ron Laplume

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