w/Mike Sudderth, Kyle Clayton, Jenny, Eazy-G, Ron Laplume, Pauly C, Martin Connarton, Gary

With Kyle Clayton and Manchester Ink Link's Andy Sylvia. 

w/Billy Painter, Tony D, Charles Richardson, Eazy-G, Dave Ridley, Ron Laplume

"Rain Songs." Featuring five decades of various songs dedicated to everyone's favorite Earthly precipitation.

Also featuring Dan Randlett, Matt Connarton, and Dj Steve Light.

w/"Crispy" Chris Poirier, Mike Millett, Charles Richardson, Erich Pilcher, Brandon from Portland, Ron Laplume, Dave Ridley, Gary

w/Christian LaCoss, Tony D, Dave Ridley, Texas Mike, Ron Laplume, Joe Lahr, Martin Connarton, Mark Kastick, Dirk Don reviews Hanzel und Gretyl

With Rob Dionne, Mike Gonzales, Will Vegas, Kyle Clayton and Manchester Ink Link's Andy Sylvia.

w/Jon Hopwood, Ron Laplume

With Carol Robidoux, Matty Courchesne and Kyle Clayton. Pauly C calls in with a few trivia questions. Kyle shows up late and his tooth infection is worse. Ron, T and Mary call in.

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