w/"Texas Mike" Michael Martineau, "Eazy-G" Eric Gagnon, Jeff Nyhan, Karen Kubit, Dave Ridley

With Carol Robidoux, Don "T" Tibbetts, Valerie Tibbetts and Crissy Kantor. Remembering Gary Tibbetts.

With Darryl Dion, Carol Robidoux, Rob Dionne and Mike Gonzales

w/Jenny, Jon Hopwood, Dave Ridley, Crazy Joe, "Tony D" Anthony Richard

w/"Eazy-G" Eric Gagnon, Jon Hopwood, "Texas Mike" Michael Martineau, "Tony D" Anthony Richard, Paul Cormier, Ghost of Betty, "Ned"

With Darryl Dion, Carol Robidoux,Paul Cormier, Steve Light and Matt Courchesne.

w/Jon Hopwood, Paul Cormier, Dave Ridley, Crazy Joe

With Darryl Dion, Carol Robidoux, Paul Cormier and Eric "Eazy-G" Gagnon. Tibbetts, Bill Barry and Jeff Nyhan call in.

w/Jenny, Kenny & Trudie of The Hop Knot, Preachermafioso, Raspy Whyudey Askme, "Tony D" Anthony Richard, Crazy Joe

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